Won't Wait

by Come Clean

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mitchattitude Pop punk straight to the dome!! Really impressive first EP from these North Carolinian cheeky chappies! Favorite track: Nothing Gold Can Stay.
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released October 22, 2016

engineering/ mixing/ mastering by wes lauterbach and zane frye
additional vocals by wes lauterbach, zane frye, and brad gardner
artwork by josh huff



all rights reserved


Come Clean Greensboro, North Carolina


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Track Name: Won't Wait
we can never just talk it out.
you never know what I'm mad about.
so sad that you won't just hear me out.
so come clean, because I'm not going to wait around.
Track Name: Wish You The Worst
you say we'll speak when you get home.
work it out, spend time alone.
but i know just how this goes.
build me up and give me hope.
tear it down once you get here.
I've learned to hold back my tears.
keep to myself all of my fears
because for you it gets too real.

you're such a fake, you lie.
never even try, every time.
fake, you lie, i question, why?
i know every time.

said you would hear me out, but you were sleeping.
said you would hear me out, but now I'm leaving.
all those nights i walked that road, still can't talk about it, i choke.
when you left me i was broke and all my friends could tell.

you are the bane that wasted all my youth.
you are the pen that drives my songs.
so i owe you some success of mine when its said and done.
theres a love inside of me for you, but with you I'm not in love.
but for now the best thing in my life is that you will be gone.

i wish you the worst.

not really feeling better.
spent so much time together.
don't know if ill ever see us get back togther.
but it doesn't matter, because it never matters.
i hope you're feeling better because i feel like bad weather.
Track Name: Empty Home
as i set foot inside an empty home
i feel emptiness where i once was whole.
the walls are bare, the carpets worn,
outlines from where our things once were.
and you should know how much it hurts
but you're blind to this.

a darkness in this open sore.
sadness seeps in through the doors.
its no longer my home, but it wasn't before.
i don't have to fake it anymore.
hate me all you want, i don't think about you anymore.

sometimes you have to leave to make you whole.
sometimes what could have been you'll never know.
you've taken all I've got, don't owe you a thing anymore.
where we once shared a bed is now empty space on the floor.

why don't you care?